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"Limited Supply - Private Label & Special Edition"
*Limit 2 per purchase while supplies last*
Only available for purchase during business hours

Private Barrel

Our private barrels are available to take home, allowing you to enjoy a part of the White Rabbit experience whenever you like. These barrels are handpicked by our staff and the distillery, offering you a one-of-a-kind bottle that can only be found here at the White Rabbit.

Hush Hush White Rabbit Private Label  | $48

Our first Private Label.  Bottled at 85pf this expression is perfect for sipping or mixing. Notes of sarsaparilla and chocolate mellow into maple and toffee flavors. 

Original Batch:  66 Bottles

Availability: 20 Bottles


Knob Creek White Rabbit Private Label  | $70

Aged 10 years and bottled at 120pf with a flavor palette noting brown sugar, brown butter, and very light stone fruit. The nose invokes fresh grain after rain and maple syrup. Definitely made for sipping wherever you like to sit and enjoy good whiskey.

Original Batch:  54 Bottles

Availability: 44 Bottles

Buffalo Trace White Rabbit Single Barrel 2024 $55

Bottled at 90pf with strong notes of honey, orange, caramel and vanilla. This is a perfect bottle for sipping or mixing making it a must have for any whiskey enjoyer's bar.

Original Batch:  192 Bottles

Availability: 177 Bottles


Jack Daniels White Rabbit Single Barrel 2023 $95

Aged 6 years and bottled at batch proof of 130pf. Despite the heat the palate is largely maple and brown sugar with notes of vanilla and banana on the backend. Laser etched with our commemorative 5th anniversary logo.

Original Batch:  186 Bottles

Availability: 2 Bottles

Old Forester White Rabbit Single Barrel 2022 $85 SOLD OUT

Aged 5 years and bottled at 100pf. A smooth expression built for the colder seasons with a palate of baking spice and stone fruit.

Original Batch:  202 Bottles

Availability: NA

Woodford Reserve White Rabbit Single Barrel 2021 $105 SOLD OUT

Aged 7 years and bottled at 90pf. A perfect example of a sipping whiskey with its buttery and nutty flavor profile. Laser etched with our logo and "Founder's Reserve" to signify the first expression of our barrel select line.

Original Batch:  191 Bottles

Availability: NA

Breakeven Bottle 

Available while supplies last. We offer you a 1 oz pour at cost, giving you the opportunity to try rare whisk(e)y without breaking the bank. Limit 2oz. per Guest. Available with food or cocktail purchase per guest.

Stagg 130.2 Proof | $5 

Stagg Jr. is a bold and robust bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery. Known for its high proof and rich flavor profile, Stagg Jr. offers an intense and satisfying drinking experience for bourbon enthusiasts. The 130.2 proof version is one of the higher-proof releases, showcasing the power and complexity typical of the Stagg Jr. series.

Rare Perfection 15 Year | $8

Rare Perfection 15 Year Canadian Whisky is celebrated for its smoothness, rich flavors, and the craftsmanship evident in its production. It offers a refined drinking experience that appeals to both seasoned whisky lovers and those looking to explore high-quality Canadian spirits.

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