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The White Rabbit Story

   Legend has it, Dr O’Hare began his practice in Gilbert in 1910.  When prohibition became law in 1920, he saw opportunity. As a doctor, he began to prescribe “alcoholic concoctions” to his “patients” and opened his Apothecary (pharmacy) in 1920.  

   As a savvy businessman, he decided to expand his operation and opened the first speakeasy bar as part of his apothecary.  In order to gain access, patrons were given a secret password and told how to access the speakeasy through a hidden door.

   Today, The White Rabbit lives on in Downtown Gilbert.  Password and knowing the secret entrance are still required.  Cheers!


About Us


   Established in 2018, beneath the busy streets of blooming downtown Gilbert, the White Rabbit became the city’s first speakeasy. By virtue of our brilliant bartenders and servers, we were able to introduce and spark up a cocktail culture in the East Valley side of metro Phoenix, Arizona.


   Our secret is a mindstate of unceasing evolution and to celebrate the artist within the talented characters that sling behind our bar. Our commitment is to excellence and to the inspiring community that manifests upon crossing our threshold.

   We go from classical inspiration into the creative fashioning of modern drink fare. The White Rabbit’s holy grail comes in the form of an elevated night-out experience paired with conceptual signature drinks.


   Our purpose is to push the seasoned imbiber, as well as the rookie drinker,  to perceive and explore new layers of flavor, one memorable sip at a time. We’re the red light. The crown jewel of the night. We are the Rabbits. Experience us.



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